[Cdt-l] Denver to Glacier

Melanie Simmerman jennylind50 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 3 14:11:31 CST 2009

Wow, I'm amazed at all the responses on this one. Thanks. I actually saw a $228 flight from Denver to Kalispell. However, since I would not be able to book this now, not really knowing what date I want, the rate will go up a lot if I wait til the last minute to buy a ticket. So flying seems a bit tricky. I guess I can guestimate when I'll be heading up north once I'm finished with New Mexico, but if I am late for any reason....non-refundable tickets are a risk. 

I can't quite imagine flying all the way to Spokane to take the train or fly back to Kalispell...seems circuitous and not much cheaper.

I am also looking into a one-way car rental. In many ways, this gives me the most flexibility. According to the website, AVIS has an office in E.Glacier and accepts one-way rentals. You can make endless reservations on AVIS and cancel at the last minute without penalty. If I can get a reasonable rate that may be the way to go. Or suffer on the endless Greyhound bus to Whitefish and then on to East Glacier...that seems to be fairly reasonable too.


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