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Or you could fly Frontie Airlines on June 15th from Denver to Minneapolis, MN for $89.60 (including tax and surcharges) and then Amtrek it to East Glacier for $169 minus 10% for AAA for $152.1.  Grand Total...$241.70.  Of course the flight is variable.  And the trail from Minneapolis takes 20 or so hours to get to East Glacier so you would get there on the next day at something like 6:45pm (assuming it's on time).  
Or if you really like the train or have family in Chicago...you could fly Frontier (use their website it's cheaper than Expedia but I usually check Expedia first and find out the cheapest flight and then go to their site) it's $89.60 (with tax and surcharges) and take the Amtrak to East Glacier...$196 minus 10% for AAA for $176.4...Grand Total $266.  Note...this is a really long train ride...good if you need to catch up on journaling or postcard writing...really tough if you are antsy to get hiking.
I did the calculations for trips on the 15th of June...it's a Monday so if you flew on a tuesday or wednesday it could be cheaper (those days usually are cheaper to fly).  Happy Trails,

Anitra I. Kass 

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I can't believe I ended up spending so much time pricing different options
out, but curiosity got the best of me! 

The best prices I found from Denver to East Glacier ended up being: either
taking Alaska Air to Spokane ($175), then Amtrak to East Glacier ($76).
Total $251. Plus whatever it costs to get from the Spokane Airport to the
train station. OR taking Southwest (wanna getaway rate) from Denver to
Portland ($100), then Amtrak to East Glacier ($150). Total $250. From the
Portland Airport you can take the light rail (~$2) to within easy walking
distance of the Portland train station. 

The price I found going through Seattle was taking Southwest (web rate) from
Denver to Seattle ($129), then Amtrak to East Glacier ($150). Total $279.
You can see that the cost difference compared to Portland depends on the
best Southwest Air rate you can get, which could change easily. However,
getting from SeaTac Airport to the Seattle train station will certainly be
more expensive and time consuming. Note that the Seattle and Portland
Amtraks to East Glacier link up in Spokane. 

The best rate I found flying from Denver to Kalispell was $280. Add to that
whatever it costs getting from Kalispell to East Glacier puts it out of
contention pricewise, but might be a good option timewise. 

It seems like going via Spokane is the winner if you consider both cost and
time, and you don't have to overnight in Spokane. Otherwise, via Portland.



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I think the bus from Alamosa to Denver and the shuttle from East Glacier to
Waterton/Chiefs Mt are a given.  Last year the best way to get from East
Glacier to Denver was by Amtrak to Seattle and Alaska Air to Denver.  It is
important to find discount airlines that will give reasonable one way fares
a short time out.   Unfortunately, the fare structure changes all the time,
and flying to Minneapolis and taking Amtrak the other way may be just as
good next summer.  I don't remember the relative fares to Spokane; it may
have been that the late night arrival time was not desirable.  

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