[Cdt-l] Ideas for hiking in spring

roni h roni.h10000 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 20:39:41 CST 2009

Hi everyone.

I'm looking for suggestion and Ideas of what to do and where to hike between
mid March and the end of May.

I'm currently working as an outdoor instructor in a winter boy scout camp in
northern Minnesota (and no, I would definitely not describe the weather here
as tropical).
My job here ends around the second week of March and as I'll probably work
here this summer (leading canoe trips in the boundary waters, which should
be really fun) starting in the end of May, I'm looking for something to do
in the ten weeks in between.

As I've hiked many of the long trails, I'm looking for something
new, perhaps somewhere in the greater southwest, partly because that seems
like the right area for spring, and partly because my hiking experience
there is limited to the pct and cdt.

I'm wondering if anyone can suggest other trails there (or anywhere else),
maybe a combination of trails that I can do for 10 weeks (I'm a pretty slow
I would prefer something that's logistically relatively easy, because
I won't have much time to plan.

I would be also nice, if possible to join other hikers, as I don't enjoy
that much hiking alone for more than a few weeks, and it would save me the
So if anyone has suggestions, ideas, condescending advice, warnings, dire
prediction etc' I'd love to hear.

Roni (from Israel)

I hope I'm not offending anyone when I say that in the world of yahoo and
google, the pct-l and cdt-l interface seems a little bit primitive (there
isn't even a good search option in the archives).  As I've been out of the
loop for a while I'm wondering if there are other mailing lists/websites for
long distance hikers where I can ask for advice.
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