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1)  Not only are waterproof maps not economical, they are not substancially lighter compared to several maps and one bag.  Also, I have gotten my map bag so muddy, that I'm glad I didn't have an unprotected waterproof map.  Large trail maps that you want to protect for years are a good  use of waterproof paper.  None-the-less, my Wind River maps weigh 7.1 oz.  
2)  I have not found a great source of plastic bags.  I used open 12X18" map cases from:  http://world.std.com/~ona/bosmeetsupplies.html  
They are listed at 24 cents each, but shipping may make them pretty expensive.  
3)  I couldn't find very heavy duty plain paper, but found "24 lb" paper good enough to print on both sides.  I printed out in pairs so map 3 was on the back of map 1 and map 4 was on the back of map 2.  Note, most printers have multiple print qualities, so use the highest quality.  
4)  I had many comments about the maps.  However, I didn't make any notes, and it has been very frustrating and inefficient going back to the cd.  When the new cd comes out, I'll post the biggest 12 comments from this nobo's perspective.  I encourage those of you who get use from the maps to make a small donation to Jonathan and record changes that will help next years hikers.  
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