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One more consideration regarding conversion to a PDF: Most commercial printers want a single PDF file from a CD or flash drive. Be sure when converting Jonathan's individual maps to a PDF format that the program you use doesn't drop a lot of pixels, i.e. reduce the file size and therefore the sharpness, because even on 11x17 paper that I used, details got blurry with my old eyes, e.g. contour elevations etc.were hard to read. Eric White

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Office Max can print from Jonathan's files for 49 cents a print (8 1/2 x
11). They had a special a while back for only 29 cents - but that is over.
Staples charges you to convert formats.

If you need to convert to PDF try printing using the following free ware -
PDF Creator.


Marshall Karon
Portland, OR

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Last year I had a local printer (minutemanpress.com) print double-sided
pages for Montana and Wyoming. It cost me $74.00, so I expect you could get
all of your maps printed for around $150 if you found the right place. You
would need to discuss with the printer the format and way to transfer the
files to them. Minuteman has a download facility on their website, like many
other printers. I did like Eric and combined the Ley files into a couple of
.pdf files, but I believe you need a non-free copy of Acrobat for doing
that. -Ron S

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creat a single PDF file to include all maps and bring to a local printer who
can beat those $$$ or a local business?where you might?Yogie their?color
laser copier. Mini Mart

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