[Cdt-l] A New Day...A New Question

stumpknocker stumpknocker at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 07:46:33 CST 2009

I have another question about maps.  I have read where some hikers talk
about using Trails Illustrated maps for walking through CO.

I just looked up the maps that Yogi lists and there are 18 TI maps for CO!!

Sooooo, these questions are for those who have used them;  Did you use all
18??  Were they worth it when Jonathan Ley and DeLorme maps are available??
What backpack did you use if you carried ALL those maps??....an expedition
pack??  :-)

Thanks for any thoughts or experiences.
PS  My printing of Ley's maps is going slowly, but I'm happy with them
because they are turning out great!!

PS#2  I do have Yellowstone and Glacier TI maps already.
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