[Cdt-l] TI maps

clint at riseup.net clint at riseup.net
Wed Feb 18 19:22:50 CST 2009

Stumpknocker! Same fella I met on the AT in '04 maybe? Either way, I
carried the TI map for the Juans only and was glad to have it. Wicked
wind/snow/hail made me bail off and seek refuge for a day, but with the TI
map I was easily able to take another trail back up to the divide the
following day without retracing my steps. Other than that I had decent
enough weather so didn't need maps of the surrounding trails. Mr. Ley's
maps are, as the kids say, "da bomb dot com" and you probably won't need
anything else; they are AWESOME.

SIDE NOTE! The PCT Fest is happening in Portland Oregon this March 27th-
29th. I'll be there giving out shwag from Next Adventure, who is also
kicking down a bunch of sweetness for the raffle. I imagine the after
parties will be incredible as well. BEER! FUN! 19th century hand-made
Amish swimwear!  See ya there!


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