[Cdt-l] Section Hiking the CDT

david booth david.booth at internode.on.net
Sun Feb 22 15:30:08 CST 2009

I am looking for advice on suitable and recommended section hikes to  
complete the CDT over three or four years.
I know a book could be written on this subject,  but which sections  
would be best in which months if you remove the pressure and  
constraints of getting all the way North to South (or S-N) in one  
I have section hiked the PCT over four years using a mix of  
directions. I found this good since I was able to be in each section  
at the "best" time of the year. I would be interested to hear the  
"best" time for each state section.
This would also help me with my planning since I live in Australia  
and do not have detailed local knowledge.
I have the Yogi CDT handbook but this focuses on thru hiking and the  
detailed town data.
If this topic is already covered in your archives then perhaps you  
can direct me to the thread.
best regards
Aussie Dave
Canberra Australia

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