[Cdt-l] Ley maps compass rose coordinates.

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Tue Feb 24 16:11:43 CST 2009

The coordinates are WGS84.

There is no file of coordinates on the CD. There used to be, but there 
were a number of errors in the file, and I had no easy way to keep it 
updated (there's a line on my web site that needs to be corrected). On 
average, you'll be going through about 2 maps per day, so that's only 2 
gps coordinates you'll need each day - at most... assuming you actually 
use all of them. Since the coordinates are printed right on the maps, 
you'll have plenty of time to enter them by hand when you actually need 
one... Then, you don't have to go searching through a long list to find 
the right one either.  I wouldn't bother trying to load them beforehand. 
At first glance, it seems like a reasonable preparatory thing to do, but 
I don't think it's something you really need to do.


Sly wrote:
> I believe you're correct WGS 84.  At least thats what I think I used 
> before and it seemed accurate enough.
> For more info...
> http://www.phlumf.com/travels/cdt/cdtgps.shtml
> Eric Whte wrote:
>> Please let everyone know which map datum matches Jonathan's compass 
>> rose. I think it is WGS 84 - but this is a guess 
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>>     Anyone have a file of the compass rose map coordinates?  It seems
>>     like it would be easy enough to do with each labeled according to
>>     maps numbers.  Since it would only be 200 something points , it
>>     would also be easy enough to load beforehand.
>>     Sly
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