[Cdt-l] Ley maps compass rose coordinates

Jim Eagleton eagleton at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 26 14:23:33 CST 2009

1) Many of the newer, better, gps's have good enough maps built in that you can locate based on the gps screen and the rose point distances are not necessary.  I used the the Garmin Colorado 400t.  

2)  Still, I don't think you need to give up a tool that weighs zero grams.  

3)  I can't find the files I loaded into the gps, but I have the files on the gps still.  When I download and save these files they have some track and some extra waypoints.  MapSpource allows me to save them in several formats:  gdb, mps, txt, dxf and gpx.   Can anyone take these files and edit out the waypoints?  I also have the 2005 disk with the waypoints that have a few typos in them.  

4)  I'm still working on this, but could use some help.  

5)  My Colorado may be available for sale or rent.  


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