[Cdt-l] Ley maps compass rose coordinates

Sly hikertrash at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 15:34:59 CST 2009

I only used the compass rose a few times.  More so to verify where I was 
rather to find myself.  The few times I used it entering the waypoints 
manually was a lot quicker than making this file, but since I started, I 
may as well finish.  Kind of like the trails I start, eventually they 
get done.


Brett wrote:
> My sense is that the inclusion of a compass rose on the Ley maps was a 
> good idea. But like all things GPS-related, it seems, it's also an 
> invitation to complexity, of the sort where you deliberate on a 
> seemingly infinite number of possible solutions to a problem that, in 
> all likelihood, doesn't really exist. This type of thinking is 
> standard fare for analytical-minded hikers of the sort that hang out 
> on the lists here pre-season, I'm guilty of it, but I also sense that 
> we can become slavish to this type of thinking and end up making the 
> planning process more difficult than it needs to be. Sometimes it can 
> be a good idea just to let go, to know when to shut off the analytical 
> brain and trust intuition. And just hike. We're mostly naturals at 
> this, with or without the GPS, the carefully managed data sets, and 
> all the head-spinning pre-trip banter.
> blisterfree
> Jim Eagleton wrote:
>> 1) Many of the newer, better, gps's have good enough maps built in 
>> that you can locate based on the gps screen and the rose point 
>> distances are not necessary.  I used the the Garmin Colorado 400t. 
>> 2)  Still, I don't think you need to give up a tool that weighs zero 
>> grams. 
>> 3)  I can't find the files I loaded into the gps, but I have the 
>> files on the gps still.  When I download and save these files they 
>> have some track and some extra waypoints.  MapSpource allows me to 
>> save them in several formats:  gdb, mps, txt, dxf and gpx.   Can 
>> anyone take these files and edit out the waypoints?  I also have the 
>> 2005 disk with the waypoints that have a few typos in them. 
>> 4)  I'm still working on this, but could use some help. 
>> 5)  My Colorado may be available for sale or rent. 
>> Rambler
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