[Cdt-l] Ley maps compass rose coordinates.

Sly hikertrash at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 19:53:39 CST 2009

I've finished with all the compass rose waypoints for the 2009 maps that 
included them, some of which were updated from the 2004 file, and others 
that were new.  Not all the maps have the compass rose.  Those that do 
are listed below.

MT 1- 72; 2a, 10a, 13a, 42a

WY 1-44; 7a, 12a, 28a-d

CO 1-46

NM 9-43; 30a-j, 38a-f, 40a,b

If anyone would like a copy with Jonathan's permission, I can sent you a 
zipped file.  If you download the free  EasyGPS you should be able to 
upload them to your GPS.  I know it works with Garmin.



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