[Cdt-l] Farewell to a favorite food product

Roger Carpenter rogercarpenter at comcast.net
Thu Jan 1 20:02:51 CST 2009

This is very sad news.  Lucky for me I have nearly a full box of Milkman left.  I wonder what the shelf life is?  I could auction some of it on e-bay!  I found Milkman to be a great ingredient for the cheese sauces I prepared on the trail, but I could not stand the flavor of it straight up or in cereal.  Years ago a hiker I met on the PCT told me he used hot cocoa mix as a substitute.  It's tastes yummy in cereal.

Roger Carpenter

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> While planning a potential CDT trip in 2009 I was interested to 
> note that REI no longer sells the Low-Fat Milkman brand milk 
> powder.  I always loved this brand over all the others; loving 
> the creamy taste behind their signature claim of including a 
> “Kiss of Cream”.
> I stumbled across an article published in the Christian Science 
> Monitor newspaper with the full story behind the loss of this 
> cherished trail food.  I commend this story to others like me who 
> will remember this product as a lost friend.
> See: http://www.csmonitor.com/2008/1015/p18s01-hfes.html
> Will be missed -
> Denis K
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