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Agree completely, and in addition, I also found it helpful when asking for rides at some of the PO's.  They were often able to track someone down.
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   1. Re: Lake City Colorado Campground (Jim and/or Ginny Owen)


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Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2009 17:11:11 -0500
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Subject: Re: [Cdt-l] Lake City Colorado Campground
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We went to Creede, which is a good town for hikers with everything within easy walking distance.  We got a ride back to the trail by asking at the outdoor store if anyone was willing to take us back out.  We paid some money ($20 I think) but it was worth it not to have a long wait.  We did the same thing in Helena and Pagosa Springs.  Seems to me they didn't even accept money for the ride.  Outdoor stores tend to have employees who are enthusiastic about helping long distance hikers.  We also got a lot of rides by asking motel owners if they knew anyone who would drive us out.  Frequently they drove us out themselves.  We had a lot of good conversations with those good people.

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Wow, guess I lucked out getting into and out of Lake City. A retired CDT hiker who did trail work picked me up at the pass within 15 minutes and took me into town. On the way out, the then owners of TBears would have driven me back up. But, another section hiker I met (he was driving to road crossings and hiking in and back), took me up. I don?t know what the policy of the current campground is. But, worth asking. I?d gladly pay. I had a great time in Lake City ? and the restaurants were great. That was a few years ago.

Marshall Karon Portland, OR 
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I remember Spring Creek Pass for hitching also. We spent over 2 hours there trying to get a hitch into Lake City. Finally paid some kids camped near there who were mapping the CDT to take us into town.


Getting out of Lake City was even worse. We spent many hours on the street trying to get a ride out of town. Finally a guy from Creede gave us a ride. He had seen us on his way into town, gone to a meeting, and picked us up on his way back home. 



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On a related note...When Cobweb and I were hitching into town from Springs Creek Pass our first choice was to go into Lake City.  Since we didn't have a mail drop and hitching was slow we made a sign going both ways to Lake City on one side and Creede on the other.  Eventually we got a lift into Creede, which is a great little town.  Anyway, the lady that picked us up owned the Old Carson Inn, which was a couple miles down the dirt road to the left (hiking north) from Carson.  It looks like it may be a little pricey but here's the website...http://www.oldcarsoninn.com/SlyMarshall Karon wrote: I was just checking the web for T.Bears in Lake City. I stayed there whileon the Colorado Trail. The cabins were great - (bunks only but heated).Looks like ownership has changed. But, same address and phone. Web site hasgreat pictures and info. Here is some of it. Update Yogi's Town Guide. Elkhorn RV Resort713 Bluff Street/PO Box 897970.944.2920 www.elkhornrvresort.cominfo at elkhornrvresor
 t.com Formerly T. Bear's Campground.  Quiet residential neighborhood very close to shopping and restaurants. Spacious, full-hookup RV sites, camper cabins, and grassy tent sites.  Clean rest rooms and laundry.  Secure WIFI.  Vintage RVs always welcome.  Hot showers available to the public.  Your hosts: Janet & Floyd Keeble. Call Us:    May to October      970-944-2920            November to April   512-407-9732 2009 RATES for Camping Cabins.      $44 per day.      $264 per week.       Take 20% off the standard rates from:.            ~May 1 through June 14 and          ~August 16 through October 31All rates are based on a 2-person occupancy.  Each additional person is $3per day.   Sales and lodging taxes are not included in the listed rates. Marshall KaronPortland, OR   _______________________________________________Cdt-l mailing listCdt-l at backcountry.nethttp://mailman.backcountry.net/mailman/listinfo/cdt-l

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