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Am I the only person that could care less about the Crazy Cook and 
Antelope Wells routes and prefers the alternate to/from Palomas?  I'm 
not too thrilled about the 1st sentence below either.


Jim Eagleton wrote:
> I highly recommend the Crazy Cook route, especially for NOBO's. 
> For sobo's, you are self important triple crowners who aren't going to 
> listen to advice , and are too beat up to take the scenic route, just 
> follow pavement south from Silver City.  Actually, there is an 
> unfortunate logistical problem for sobo's.  From the border it is a 
> full day to a crumby hitch and a couple of days back to a major road.  
> I can understand how this would be considered an anticlimactic finish, 
> unless you have someone picking you up. 
> NOBO's should try to car pool or contact Sam Hughes, or other 
> shuttler, and start at Crazy Cook.  Good to hear the road walk south 
> of Silver City has been eliminated. 
> North of Silver City is the worst route choice on the trail.  1)  The 
> official trail is long and dry, it had fire damage which has been 
> reported to be cleaned up, but still gets almost no thur hiker 
> traffic.  It is possibly a reasonable option, but I can't recommend it 
> unless better water info becomes available. 
> 2)  The Ley route has a horrible bushwack UP Tadpole Ridge.  This 
> route should be avoided by any sane hiker.  It has the advantage and 
> disadvantage of many fords of the Lower Gila (southern part).  These 
> fords may be ok in the fall, but are an extra day of wet feet, going 
> upstream, in colder/higher water for nobo's.  3)  Many people take one 
> of the road (Wolfe) routes until north (northeast) of Silver City and 
> then take the trail over the top of Tadpole Ridge (avoiding the 
> bushwack).  This sets up the cutoff mentality and you can save 
> further effort on: the Creed cutoff, the Mack Inn cutoff, and the 
> Anaconda cutoff.  4)  I followed Boston and Cubby's route out of 
> Silver City to Doc Campbell's:  I followed the road out of Silver City 
> past the Monastery, picked up the official trail which goes a little 
> east, then came back to the road to Doc Campbell's on the Military 
> trail.  There is still 5 to 7 miles of road walk (down hill) at the 
> end.  Also, there is a new building that will make private property a 
> big issue around the Monastery.  If you do not take the short cut past 
> the Monastery, and especially if you take the official trail all the 
> way from Silver City, you have a very dry day and a half. 
> The best training is to have my fellow Philadelphian and fellow Jim 
> pour you a pint.  He now does it at The Anderson on the Black Isle.  
> I'll be there in August.
> Melanie:  The weather window is between southern CO and Glacier, and 
> last year the window was very tight.  So, skipping CO does not do much 
> good unless you start late and do NM in the hotter and later spring.  
> It might be better to start in Glacier at the end of the sobo season, 
> ca July 4, and then skip CO in Sept, going right to NM.  I flipped up 
> to South Pass City and hiked south thru CO.  You could get off at 
> Steamboat? or much more easily at Estes Park, (hiking over the divide 
> in Rock Mt Nat. Pk, which I have also done.) 
> Rambler
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> > Myself, Brian and my wife, Martina are aiming to hike northbound 
> this year too. We live in Scotland and are flying into Denver on April 
> 13th and aim to start around?April 20th from either crazy cook or 
> columbus NM. We haven't sorted out how we will get there yet!
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> > Brian Dickson
> > Black Isle, Scotland
> > www.pbase.com/briansolar1
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> > Subject: [Cdt-l] 2009 CDT hikers
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> > Date: Tuesday, 6 January, 2009, 7:49 PM
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> > Hello, 2009 CDTers
> > I'm wondering who all is hiking this year and in which direction? I am
> > planning a northbound, sort of, hike. At any rate, I'm starting in NM
> > (haven't finalized which terminus-Cook Monument or Columbus) in late 
> April
> > sometime - don't have the exact date yet.
> >
> > I've pretty much done Colorado section-hiking and don't plan to re-hike
> > what I've done, which means either flipping up to Glacier and going 
> south,
> > or if possible continuing northbound in Wyoming (if that's 
> possible?). Has
> > anyone out there done that? What are conditions usually like in 
> Wyoming in early
> > June? It would be kind of nice to be in Glacier late summer/early 
> fall and not
> > in snow.
> >
> ....
> >
> > Hope to see some of you out there!
> > Melanie ("Lemstar" AT96, PCT02)
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