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Wed Jan 7 15:19:36 CST 2009

In '07 I started Nobo from Columbus/Palomas and finished sobo at both Crazy Cook and Antelope Wells, so I've seen all 3.  I think they're all sort of lame in their own ways, but I generally prefer Columbus, and if you're doing AW/CC I'd say you might try and hit them both--they're not that far apart, there's water on the way, and when I was walking out on the road to CC, it felt like it would require a pretty hefty vehicle to drive it.  Pro's for Columbus: It's an easier hitch (although there's a shuttle from Mexico that goes through AW all the way to Phoenix or something like that, I scored a ride on un-scheduled ride on that for $20 less than 10 minutes after finishing), and there's actually pretty scenery in Gila NF south of the main branch of the Gila River that's only on the Columbus route, whereas I don't recall much of anything pretty on the AW/CC route.  Pro's for AW/CC: Silver City is a pretty cool town (but I got along fine just using the
 Mimbres store/PO to resupply on the Columbus route) and AW is further south, if that's what you're looking for.
best of luck either way,
the onion

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