[Cdt-l] 2009 CDT hikers - crazy cook or columbus?

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I have been thinking about starting around March 10 or so.  It would take me 6- 8 weeks probably to get across NM- I'm slowing down more lately.   From Crazy Cook's up to the Gila- it would take me 2- 3 weeks maybe.  That would be first or early April.  

Someone on this list suggested a start from Crazy Cook's  with me this spring- that is what she was planning.  I might still be interested in doing that.  Before the heat- and snakes!

-Red Doug 

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  The problem would be the Gila.  Crossing the river 200 some times too early in the year would be a miserable experience.  When we hiked it in late April, it was a really good one.  The Gila is beautiful, an oasis in the desert,with green cottonwoods, fantastic hoodoos, wildlife (we heard wolves), a great hot spring, Anasazi cliff dwellings - a fantastic place to visit in the Spring or early fall.  (It was beautiful, if cold, in late fall on our '99 hike.  We had enough sunshine we didn't mind the river crossings, but dealing with frozen boots and ice in the springs in the black range was a bit of a problem.)  You can walk roads - but then you miss a lot of what makes the Gila a terrific part of a CDT hike.  it may be faster, but much less enjoyable.  There are trails you can take that limit the river crossings, but then you climb to high elevations where snow could be a real problem in February.


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  Can one avoid a lot of the water issues (and for that matter, hazardous fire conditions) in NM by starting from Crazy Cook's earlier, say in early March?   

  Just wondering.  If one started earlier and got to Cumbres too early, a few weeks off to rest and then start again would be ok, right?  I would rather hike in some snow than 90 plus heat myself.  

  And yes, I'm still dreaming of a CDT hike.  Always.

  -Red Doug


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