[Cdt-l] Resupply from Wind Rivers to Pinedale

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Here is what I did in 2007...I was SoBo:
1) Hiked the dirt road from Brooks Lake Lodge(South end of the Teton Wilderness).
2) Hiked road down to the Union Pass Road (past Lava Mountain Lodge where I had a package)
3) Hitched into Dubois and resupplied, spent 2 days there, went to the annual BBQ/Firehouse fundraiser, met almost everyone in the entire town, got taken out to dinner by my hitch, had a great general time
4) Hitched back to Union Pass Road (I had an easy time hitching but I am a single woman which people tell me is helpful)
5)  Walked up Union Pass Road...I vaguely remember it being 17 miles or so but I could be wrong.  I stopped at one of the restaurants along the way had lunch, chatted it up with people, met some campers along the way who had hosted my hiking buddies at their camp the night before and invited me over for dinner...nice!
6) Picked up the trail a little bit west of Union Pass and headed south into the Winds.  
Why did I do this? a)  The trail between Union Pass and Togwotee Pass had been pretty burned up the summer before...so I had heard and, b) it shortened that segment so I could go from Union Pass Road all the way to Lander without resupply.  It was worth it.  The cirque of the Towers was awesome...Texas and Jackass Passes were cool.  I didn't go Titcomb Basin but next time I will for sure.  
Happy Trails,

Anitra I. Kass 

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The road from Green Lakes to Pinedale is mostly dirt and long.  It does 
not see a lot of traffic - just campers and fisherpeople.  The dirt road 
dumps you out on a state highway, and then you have to hitch another 20 
or 30 miles (if memory serves me well). 

I've gone into the Winds from the Elkhart Park TH numerous times and 
there is relatively lots more traffic.  And I don't think it's 15
If you leave the highline trail in Bald Mountain Basin and head toward 
Pole Creek Lakes to the junction near Eklund Lake that you take to 
Elkhart Park TH, you're only re-walking 4 miles or so of trail (8 miles 
rt).  You head north from Eklund Lake on the return and rejoin the 
highline trail just north of Little Seneca Lake. 

Jeff Olson
Martin, SD

Brian Dickson wrote:
> Sorry for the 2nd email today but I am getting into full planning mode 
> for the CDT this year as the rain splatters against my bedroom window.
> I am looking for an efficient way to resupply from Pinedale via the 
> middle of the Winds. I note on Jonathan Ley's map WY15 that you can 
> walk 15 miles out from the CDT/Highline trail to Elkhart trailhead and 
> then hitch 15 miles into Pinedale from there.
> Would it be practical to hitch out to Pinedale from the 
> trailhead/campsite at Green River Lakes on WY14? This would then be 
> almost on-trail and eliminate the 15 mile each way extra hike to 
> Elkhart Trailhead on WY15. I am presuming that its not mentioned 
> perhaps because its pretty quiet there and lifts might be difficult?
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
> thanks
> Brian
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