[Cdt-l] Resupply from Wind Rivers to Pinedale

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Thanks for the info everyone. Elkhart looks like the best way out to Pinedale if we decide to resupply.  
I guess I am thinking that if we are going strong and the weather is ok we would like to visit as much of the Winds as we can rather than rush through. So we would intend to go through Cirque of the Towers (Texas and Jackass passes) and bypass Big Sandy Lodge as we know the scenery is fantastic after climbing there in 2004. I would also like to try the Knapsack col route and possibly a varient along or over the divide north of there.  Resupplying in Pinedale would set us up nicely for that. 

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Last year I was hiking NOBO and carried enough food to make it all the way between South Pass and Togwotee Pass via the Cirque of Towers. A friend hiking with me on that stretch had a dog that got a little lame. I walked with her and her (good) dog to Elkhart Trailhead and then headed directly back up into the mountains and on to Togwotee without going into Pinedale or resupplying.
Were it not for the side trip I could have done that stretch quite easily in 9 days, faster had I pushed.
If I were to do the CDT again I would hike that section straight through without hitting Pinedale or Big Sandy. Heading into Pinedale will add at least a full day to that stretch. From Elkhart it will probably be a fairly easy hitch but there will be added miles and elevation/gain loss while backtracking or angling to/from the main trail, and it will likely take considerably more hitching time if done from Green River Lakes, which is quieter. Elkhart splits the two sections more evenly. Big Sandy will also add time and miles.
It's a personal call. Lots of those on the CDT! For many folks the shower, hot food and lighter pack will make a stop worthwhile, but it's good to be aware that for most thru-hikers those resupply points are optional.
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Sorry for the 2nd email today but I am getting into full planning mode for the CDT this year as the rain splatters against my bedroom window.
I am looking for an efficient way to resupply from Pinedale via the middle of the Winds. I note on Jonathan Ley's map WY15 that you can walk 15 miles out from the CDT/Highline trail to Elkhart trailhead and then hitch 15 miles into Pinedale from there.
Would it be practical to hitch out to Pinedale from the trailhead/campsite at Green River Lakes on WY14? This would then be almost on-trail and eliminate the 15 mile each way extra hike to Elkhart Trailhead on WY15. I am presuming that its not mentioned perhaps because its pretty quiet there and lifts might be difficult?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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