[Cdt-l] Resupply from Wind Rivers to Pinedale

Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 13 14:01:56 CST 2009

 Another option is to walk the Winds w/o resupply (as Colter suggested).

Going from Dubois to South Pass City made for a large carry, but there is something special about being immersed 
in the Winds without going into town.  More so than logistic reasons, I  did it for aesthetic reasons.
It has a feel of WILDERNESS as opposed to wilderness. 

One of the reasons why I go light is not so I can go into town more, but so I can go into town less. Buy having less base packweight, 
I can carry more food comfortably. 

The Winds is one of those magical places I wanted to savor.  For me, I felt like a town stop would have broken up the magic. Made the
Winds seem less wild or as remote. Without the distraction of  town, the time in the Winds was felt deeply. 

"I have been in many beautiful places, and did not wish to taste, but to drink deep." (Evertt Ruess) 
 By NOT going into a town, I felt like I drank deeply in the Winds. 

Just another idea that may not work for everyone, but it did work for me. (FWIW, I did the Cirque of the Towers route).

The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust 
caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched

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