[Cdt-l] Ley Maps, Wolf Guides, Yogi's CDT Handbook

Bruce "Buck" Nelson buck at bucktrack.com
Tue Jan 13 19:50:46 CST 2009

I'd like to mention three information sources that I found were the most valuable in planning and hiking the CDT. 

Jonathan Ley's maps: Jonathan will mail you a CD and you can print out his maps yourself. Carried by virtually all CDT thru-hikers and for good reason. They will save you hundreds of dollars in maps, show you the route, save you vast amounts of time in ordering and arranging maps, give you countless tips and heaps of information on alternate routes, water sources, etc, and have been updated yearly. We all owe him big time. Order his CD for sure, and make a donation! Note: Northbounders especially should make it a habit to study a map ahead. (Many notes are written primarily from the SOBOs perspective and by the time you see the note it may be too late.)  http://www.phlumf.com/travels/cdt/cdtmaps.shtml

Yogi's CDT Handbook: If you are planning on hiking the trail and don't have it you should order it immediately. I think this should be one of the first steps in planning a CDT thru-hike. Even if there is an updated version upcoming I would order whatever is available and then order the updated copy before heading out. After numerous thru-hikes Yogi understands exactly what a thru-hiker wants to know: distances, resupply points, gear choices, information sources, suggested maps and map sources, standard cut-off options, what to expect, north or south, etc. http://www.pcthandbook.com/

CDTS/Wolf Guides: These are the standard guidebooks used by CDT thru-hikers, and by buying them you can help support the CDTS. The CDTS has helped develop the CDT and promotes it as a silent trail, something most us believe in. http://www.cdtsociety.org/

There are any number of other good resources available online. Two good ones are by some folks who post here often.

Spirit Eagle's CDT pages: http://www.spiriteaglehome.com/cdt.html
Mags' CDT Planning Guide: http://www.pmags.com/joomla/index.php/Backpacking-and-Hiking-documents/cdt_doc.html

Best of luck to all people with upcoming CDT hikes!


My CDT Thru-hike

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