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This fits our experience in 2002 also. None of the public transit will cross the border. Getting back into the US was a really bad experience for us though. 

The shuttle dropped us at the Canadian entry station and we walked to the US entry station. The guard met us at the door and asked us what we were doing. We explained our hike and even presented passports and pictured drivers licenses. We even offered to empty our backpacks. I think it p***ed him off that we had id. He questioned us and really had no alternative but to let us through. His last question was what are you going to do now. We explained that we were going to hitch to East Glacier to be picked up by friends. 

We walked about 100 feet away and waited to hitch. He emptied the next several cars. Everyone had to get out, then he emptied the trunks. His parting words to each car were "See those people over there. They want to get a ride to East Glacier. I wouldn't pick them up. They might be carrying guns." 

We weren't prepared for this - we had no food and East Glacier was 60 miles away. We decided it was fruitless to try hitching at the entry station. We hiked several miles down the highway before even trying to hitch. We ended up getting a ride St Mary and another to East Glacier. 

We still can't figure out what we did to offend that border guard.

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  Sly - 
  We took the shuttle to Waterton in '07 to start the GDT and talked to the shuttle people 
  about getting a shuttle back to the States from Waterton when we were done in 6 or 8 weeks.  
  We were told that they could drop us in Canada (one way fare) but that they couldn't bring 
  us back across the border as a one way trip when we returned.  We solved the problem by 
  hitching - took us 3 rides to get from Pincher Creek to East Gloacier.  That translates to 2 
  or 3 rides to get from Waterton to East Clacier.  
  Or - you can take a taxi from Waterton to the border crossing, get out and walk across the
  border and catch the shuttle from Chief Mt.  As I recall, the taxi can't take you across the 
  border either.  But at least it can get you to Chief Mt. - where you WILL have to deal with 
  the border patrol.  And that WILL require either a passport or a DL and birth certificate.  



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  Since you're only doing Glacier, you may want to consider hiking north.  The trail is somewhat more spectacular that way.  It's easy enough to get a shuttle back.  

  Walking into Canada maybe easier than trying to get in that country over the road and dealing with a border guard. 


  Roy wrote: 

          I am planning a hike, starting the first week of Aug., to begin in Glacier Park.  I have found, online, a shuttle to the Prince of Wales Hotel.  I will be going from East Glacier, arriving by trail, to the start of the PCT.  I will only be doing the Glacier section this year.

          First Question?  Will I need a passport and/or other permits to go to the trail head?
          Second?  What is the process for getting a back county pass?


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