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Me too - I agree. The offical CDT was quite good last year particluarly from Homestake southbound until you start to drop down to Hwy 274; there the trail sort of disappeared on me. Eric

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Agreed. I took the Anaconda cutoff in 2007 but afterwards felt that I may have preferred the official route. Jonathan mentions the considerable road walk. Another issue is cutting across private land and darting around no trespassing signs. I'd take the official route were I doing it again. (On the other hand, the wetland was enjoyable, and the Anaconda library was handy.)

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I just wanted to put a “shout out” to the non-Anaconda route (i.e. actual CDT) around Butte … Each year, quite a lot of hikers take the Anaconda cutoff. While years ago this part of the CDT was mostly a lengthy road-walk, it’s now quite a lot better and mostly all trail. My guess is that a lot of old information is still in circulation; incorrectly describing the CDT route in that area. Actually, the Anaconda cutoff may have more road walking than the CDT route (even including Delmoe Lake Road ). So, if your goal is to stay off roads, you’re probably better-off with the CDT. 
The forest service, CDTA, and local volunteers have put a lot of effort into improving the trail in this section, and it’d be great if more thru-hikers could “show it some love”. 
Yes, it’s a little longer than the Anaconda cutoff, but it’ll only lengthen your trip by a couple days… And is a couple more days in the mountains really all that bad? 
Anyway, hike your own hike and all that… but give the Butte trail a chance, eh?Good luck & best wishes to all out there in 2009!


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