[Cdt-l] Update from San Gabriel: Rabbit Ears Pass to Battle Pass/Bridger Peak

Dave and Cindy hikeon at surewest.net
Wed Jul 8 18:34:48 CDT 2009

San Gabriel asked me to post this update about the trail.  Also there will be many more photos on his trailjournals.com as soon as I sort through the 506!!!!!

Rabbit Ears Pass to Battle Pass
And Bridger Peak

There were a lot of patches. 10 - 20 feet. Starting just above the lake at Rabbit Ears Pass. An annoying amount really. Just when you start clickin' along, snow drift. It was firm though, probably because of the rain, consolidated. There was quite a bit up around 11,000 feet in the usual places, and some long fields. That's all up to Lost Ranger Peak. North of the peak? Barely anything.

I took a crazy thunderstorm route at Dale Creek, that's just north of the two stars that are .4 miles apart... it was mostly bushwhacking so I won't post it. But! Huston Park was nice, just some patches of snow, tons of water.

The climb up to Bridger Peak was annoying... I found a lot of snow patches and fields. Some big enough to get lost in! Just follow the ridgeline. Once you get down near 10,000 you won't see any more snow until... uhh... the Winds?

Now I'm going to read that Great Basin water report! *cringe*
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