[Cdt-l] Carson NF Reroutes, Brian & Martina NB update and Cuba update

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Cruiser and I just arrived in Cuba and I'm echoing (from memory) what
Brian said below.  Between Grants and Cuba we got water at all the
major sources (The springs and the spigot), and saw a few minor ones,
like puddles, tanks, etc.  It is a long dry stretch between American
Canyon Spring and Los Indios Spring, around 25 miles.  The hiking
through the mesas on the cairned trail after Ojo Frio was fabulous.


On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 12:50 PM, Brian Dickson <briansolar1 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Thanks for that Jim, will try and report back.
> We are in Cuba NM now after a fun and adventurous feeling section from
> Grants NM.
> We hit storm conditions over Mt Taylor and ended up bivvying in a switching
> station hut under the radio repeater on La Mosca north of Mt Taylor.
> Gooseberry spring is running well and other hikers reported American Spring
> fine too. We got water from the meadow just to the south of there on trail.
> All the other major springs are running. Jones Canyon deserves particular
> mention as the nicest spring so far on the hike! Wild roses, a sandstone
> cave, oaks, good vibes and nice clear water!
> There is now great trail from Los Indios spring (? - the one where you need
> to descend down a canyon about 30miles north of Mt Taylor) NB all the way to
> the Highway just 5 miles short of Cuba). Its either trail, cairns or white
> posts but clear all the way for about 50-60 miles with excellent routing.
> Well done the NM Mountain club and NW NM Horseman for building it. The 11
> mile section from Deadman Peaks to Jones Spring in mesa/ slickrock country
> is probably our best hike yet from Mexico (along with the Gila). I would
> just say though that the mileages feel a bit longer than in Jim Wolf's
> guide or Jon Ley's maps as there is fair bit of twisting and turning through
> the mesas.
> Cuba update:
> The library has moved to a new building behind the PO and police station
> about 300meters back from the main road. Contrary to Yogi's slightly
> downbeat description we are finding it a pretty good trail town. Del Prado
> Motel is centrally situated with easy walking to all the main facilities.
> There is a cafe next door not on Yogi's map. The owner has been very helpful
> offering internet access, drinks, lifts etc and we still have Brunos Mexican
> to try yet (Disco 2006 -the best Mexican on the trail) !
> brian
> www.aweewalk.blogspot.com
> --- On Fri, 22/5/09, Jim Wolf <mail at cdtsociety.org> wrote:
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> Subject: [Cdt-l] Carson NF Reroutes
> To: cdt-l at backcountry.net
> Date: Friday, 22 May, 2009, 8:32 PM
> Based upon revised information from the Forest Service, the Brazos Ridge
> Reroute (guidebook p. 17) has /not /been completed -- but the Border
> Reroute (pp. 14-16) is finished. As stated in the guidebook, the
> description of the Border Reroute SOBO past 4.9 is based upon project
> maps and initial scouting reports: please take note of significant
> deviations and pass them along to us (with key waypoints, if available).
> The Lagunitas Reroute (p.17 and Map 3) may still be inadequately marked,
> but should be worth a try, especially with GPS.
> There may also be some changes in the last 4 miles [SOBO] of Section 1
> as well as in Section 2 [SOBO] as far as El Vallecito Ranch and the
> crossing of Rio Vallecitos. Here, too, feedback would be appreciated.
> Thanks to all.
> Jim Wolf
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Todd DeLuca

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