[Cdt-l] Snow Conditions in the South San Juans for northbounders

Melanie Simmerman jennylind50 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 1 15:40:59 CDT 2009

For those of you northbounders who are considering doing the trail thru the south San Juans, check out Yeti's and Connecting the Dots, and Laura and Aaron's trail journals on www.trailjournals.com. Snow is very deep in the mts and even Yeti, who has lots of climbing experience said it was hellish. Plus it snowed each day, as well.

Also, even last year the trail was technically closed north of Cumbres Pass due to severe blow downs; Yeti mentions that they are still there, making progress even more difficult. Rangers had established an alternate route, but I'll bet that is snowy as well. Check in with a ranger station in Chama to ensure a safe journey.

Laura and Aaron did the road to Pagosa.

Melanie (recovering in Salida)


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