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Tue Jun 2 12:49:26 CDT 2009

I am compiling a list of trail angels and others that  help hikers in NM - 
to complete the list I need the names and any contact info  possible on the 
people that own the ranch where you can get water I believe  north of pie 
town - here is who I have so far - if you know of someone else in  NM please 
let me know with their contact info:
keith and mary - deming
sam hughes - hachita
borderline cooperative - north of  columbus
julie sybarski - mimbres
nita - pie town
tom - pie town
people with water - north of pie  town?
robin - grants
josh and laura ryan - chama
ghost ranch?
when I am done with the list I will have what services  are available at 
each site with phone numbers
deming, NM
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