[Cdt-l] Burning Cookies DVD

Chris Willett CWillett at pierce.ctc.edu
Fri Jun 5 18:29:03 CDT 2009

Hi All,

I was going to make a DVD playable copy of Cookie and Paul's CDT DVD for my
mother, who only has an old time computer and no internet. That is, I want
her to be able to put into her DVD player and watch it on the tele. When I
tried to do this through iDVD on my Mac, I got a message saying it was too
large to burn to a DVD. Even changing encoding settings didn't help. Has any
one tried to do this? I leave for the CDT in a week and was hoping to give
it to her before I took off. Sort of a, "Here's where I'm going mum." The
.mov file is a tad under 2 GB, which is well within the max space of a 4.7


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