[Cdt-l] Trail conditions from Wolf Creek Pass to Spring Creek Pass

Dave and Cindy hikeon at surewest.net
Wed Jun 10 15:19:20 CDT 2009

My mistake on the previous post regarding subject title!

>From San Gabriel
Wolf Creek Pass to Spring Creek Pass
116 miles sub six days

The snow seems to be melting fast. The GPS helps a lot but plenty of the navigation can be done by map. Especially when you meet up with the CO trail north of Hunchback Pass. One  really tough looking bit is the Knife's Edge on Ley Map CO40 the north side was solid snow, some of it really soft and impossible to get a grip on/in... I tried and decided to scramble up the spine... blade? of the Knife's Edge eastward. No problem. The only other tough bit was a big chunk of snow before you drop down to Squaw Pass. I pretty much climbed a 12 foot snow face, but there was grass below me should I fall. Again, I had less and less snow as I went north. It seems to be melting fast despite the cold weather. My last two days were 23 and 25 so it got easy-ish. Just beware of north and east steep faces. use the axe and go slow. And thaw out those shoes before you put em on!
San Gabe
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