[Cdt-l] Cumbres Pass Temporary Reroute

Jim Wolf mail at cdtsociety.org
Thu Jun 11 15:04:55 CDT 2009

Reason wrote:

Cruiser and I hiked up out of Cumbres Pass yesterday ~1pm,
climbed past Wolf Creek, and took a break when we reached the county
line / fence.  The logging for the next mile or so has mostly
obliterated the trail and makes for slow going, as half the forest
seems to be laying perpendicular to the direction of the trail. 

Hikers should be aware of the temporary reroute. Southbound description is as follows:

	The Rio Grande National Forest has closed the Trail north of
Cumbres Pass while logging operations are underway to remove trees killed by
beetle infestation. While the logging is in progress (probably through 2010),
hikers must turn east (at South San Juan 3:15.7) at a junction 0.3 mile south of
Flat Mountain. The new route, marked as Trail No. 736, descends for two or
three miles (at first northeast and then south) to a trailhead along the Rio de
los Pinos, estimated at 37 05.14 N, 106 29.91 W. The route continues south on
roads (three miles on FR 118.2, 2 miles on FR 118.1C, then two miles on FR 118
to Colorado Hwy. 17 at Cumbres Pass).

	We hope this helps.

CDTS/Jim Wolf

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