[Cdt-l] Gannett Peak in August?

Shee ZhiQiang zhiqiang at berkeley.edu
Fri Jun 12 10:38:59 CDT 2009

Hey all,

I'm planning to do a ridgeline traverse of the Wind River Range followed by
a summit attempt on Gannett Peak as part of my CDT hike. This is a
moderately strenous 5-day trip that requires some basic mountaineering
skills. I should be starting off on this section of the hike from Dubois, WY
on 15 August 2009.

I'm taking a longer, roundabout route from Dubois, WY up to Shale Mountain,
going S on the Continental Divide toward Tourist Creek. Come off the Divide
at Tourist Creek, go S on the CDT, then E toward Bonnie Pass via Knapsack
Col. Cross Dinwoody Glacier and summit by the Gooseneck route. I'll be
getting down by the Titcomb Basin and exiting at Pinedale, WY via the Pole
Creek Lakes.

Route maps here:

Text me at (510) 387-5603 if you're interested in joining. I'm not sure when
I will next get Internet access.

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