[Cdt-l] build.sh run on Linux

Dany Rovinsky dany.rovinsky099 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 05:56:44 CDT 2009

I'm running build.sh (checked out from CVS
org.eclipse.cdt\all\org.eclipse.cdt.releng) on my Linux machine and the
target "unzip" in build.xml fails with error in line 135 while expanding

I want to compile CDT for windows, so the questions I have:

1) Where can I get eclipse-SDK-3.5RC4-linux-gtk-ppc.tar.gz?  I
found several achives names eclipse-SDK-3.5RC4XXX but nether is
linux-gtk-ppc.tar.gz. What about mylyn-3.2.0.I20090520-2300-e3.4.zip  and
RSE-SDK-3.1RC3.zip from lines 17-19 of build.xml?

2) If I want to compile CDT for windows should I take
eclipse-SDK-3.5RC4-linux-gtk-ppc.tar.gz or soemthing else?

3) If I want to compile CDT for windows  which arguments should be passed
instead of ws gtk -arch ppc -os linux -application
org.eclipse.ant.core.antRunner $* in build.sh in line:

 -ws gtk -arch ppc -os linux -application org.eclipse.ant.core.antRunner $*

4) How to run  Junit tests: as Junit or as Junit plugin?

5) I can't see the connection between the
org.eclipse.cdt\all\org.eclipse.cdt.releng\lrparser and the
org.eclipse.cdt\lrparser\grammar\build.xml in case I want to change grammar.
Maybe I'm missing something?

Thank you,
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