[Cdt-l] Wolf Creek Pass to Spring Creek Pass

Todd DeLuca todddeluca at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 17:27:31 CDT 2009

Hey all,

Reason and Cruiser are in Lake City.  It took us about 7 days (6 full
days and 2 half days) from Wolf Creek pass.  We encountered some snow
in the first few days that slowed us down some.  That and the muddy
ruts that make up the trail in many places.  And the altitude and
steepness.  And there was one day that a snow/slush/rain storm
encouraged us to pitch our tent at noon at Squaw Pass.  But the hiking
became much easier, especially after Hunchback Pass / Beartown
Trailhead and we made 3 20-mile days to the yurt (wood stove was
amazing! Thanks!) 9 miles before Spring Creek Pass.

We brought ice axes and crampons.  We used the crampons once, in the
morning after piedra pass on some deep snow in trees on a slope.  But
we could/should have gone up to the ridge.  Almost all the snow we
encountered could be circumvented safely or crossed with poles and
shoes.  We did detour to Trout Lake, avoiding the steep snow chutes
after the Knife Edge.

And I should add:  The San Juans are Spectacular!  Coyotes, herds of
70+ elk, amazing peaks and sunsets.  A real gem.

My greatest challenge was staying warm in the rain, hail, snow and
slush.  My thin liners and MLD shells weren't enough for my hands.
And I need to get a warm hiking shirt.

Lake City:  The natural food store has great sandwiches.  The Italian
pasta place has awesome food.  (Looks like the town is a culinary
delight.)  And on Bluff Street is a place Blue something Building
Supplies (?) that sells denatured alcohol.  I bought a bunch and gave
it to the Elkhorn/T-bear RV Park (recommended!), so you could check
there too.

On to Monarch Pass/Salida.

Stay warm and safe,


Todd DeLuca

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