[Cdt-l] Thru Hike Training

Sam Haraldson samh at samh.net
Fri Jun 26 11:20:14 CDT 2009


The company I work for, Backpacking Light offers a series of
Wilderness Trekking School courses.  This summer, 2009, we're offering
a two week course designed to educate thru-hike aspirants in the
logistics, prepping, and execution of a long distance hike.  We've got
a couple of superstar ultralighters - Andrew Skurka and Glen Van Peski
- on board as instructors for the course. It will include two days
'classroom' training (food and mail-drop prep, route study, on-trail
et al) followed up by twelve days on trail.  The selected route will
be a lengthy traverse across a significant portion of the Greater
Yellowstone Ecosystem.  It will also include a pre-trip e-mail-based
discussion amongst participants regarding gear choices, goals, etc.
If you are considering a thru-hike in the future or know of someone
who is and feel that having the guidance of a seasoned thru-hiker like
Andrew Skurka would be of value, consider contacting the school's
director with questions.

This message is, in part an advertisement for a tuition-based
educational course being offered by my company and I hope that
list-serv members do not scorn me for advertising as such.  I am
certain there are individuals out there needing that helping hand to
guide them out of their comfort zone and embark on a thru-hike
adventure.  If you feel that the mission behind this school is
something worthwhile of being promoted, please do so within the long
distance backpacking community.  Information about all of Backpacking
Light's Wilderness Trekking School courses can be found on our Web
site at:


Sam Haraldson
Backpacking Light
Gear Shop Manager and Trekking School Instructor

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