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Dave and Cindy hikeon at surewest.net
Mon Jun 29 11:55:18 CDT 2009

Silverthorne to Grand Lake

Here's what the Snow Gnome has to say:

Ptarmigan Pass has snow on the north side, not too steep but I couldn't find the trail till I hit the river WAY below. Snow line was about 10,400

If you opt for the thunderstorm route on CO15 there is a BIG cornice between you and the valley. Go to the left a few hundred yards and its not *that* steep, then its a long glissade down! Weee! The ridges are less snowy if its snow you are worried about.

James Peak is awesome, some snow but not steep, the north side isn't bad at all. I descended with five ultra runners sans poles, crazy dudes! The divide north of there is fine, Its easy to hitch from Rollin's Pass should you want to go to Winter Park. When the trail crashes west off the divide its snowy down to 10,500, some blowdowns, minor headache and you'll be on killer trail going through Arapaho Forest. the two miles of Indian Peaks between there and Monarch Lake has some blowdowns but not bad. 

The trail from Roaring Fork CG to... Shadow Mt Lake is a headache. WATCH CLOSELY. Its faint and not cairned, though no blowdowns, hmmm. Lots of ups and downs. Always when ya get near town, eh? Oh yeah, and NB, its past the rangers station. NOT Roaring Fork trailhead.

for snow? two warm dry days should help. I doubt I'll post anything more as far as snow goes, :(

Cheers, San Gabe, aka Sgnome
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