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We did the phone thing back in 1999 from Lima when we were SOBO and then again 

from Dubois when we were NOBO.  It works - and they'll work with you.  

What you've got there may be new to the website, but it's not new policy.  




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I was scanning through the yellowstone national park website and looked at the backcountry trip planner  :



It has a section in a text box on page 4 which I copied out below which seems to indicate that rangers will allow for phone reservations from CDT hikers. Do you think this represents a relaxing of the rules to make it more practical for long distance hikers or has the literature always been like this?


thanks Brian


Entering the Park From

a National Forest

When possible permits should be

obtained in person from the backcountry

offi ce nearest the start of your trip.

However, if you are entering the park via

a national forest trail and cannot stop at

a permitting offi ce, please contact the

Central Backcountry Offi ce in advance to

make other arrangements

for obtaining your permit.


The Continental Divide

National Scenic Trail (CDNST) and the

Nez Perce National Historic Trail (NPNHT)

utilize parts of Yellowstone’s trail system.

For further information on these trails,

contact the Central Backcountry offi ce.
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