[Cdt-l] "Ohhhh, Poncho!" Re: Cdt-l Digest, Vol 18, Issue 10

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 12 12:21:53 CDT 2009

> I would like to hear more comments about ponchos compared
> to rain jackets and pants as I have no experience with them.
> Zelda

### "Ohhhh, Sisco!"

### It seems most appropriate to say "Ponchos blow!" on the CDT, as the wind will just play parachute with you.

My boys and I hiked a bit with Sly in '07, traversing ~250 miles between the Wind River range and some other stuff, and we had at least a spot of rain every day. We were trying out silnylon ponchos as dual-use rainwear and shelter, and though removing ties from them every morning was a pain and time magnet, it seemed that wearing the things during precip was actually worse. The only time you caught the breeze was when you were trying to pass it over your head, it was ALWAYS slimy and gooey, they DO absorb water to a degree, and so gain weight so you're constantly trying to dry them out, you STILL have to pack a wind garment for insulation help and for when in camp, ... ... it was just a failure as a gear choice, a time magnet, a big pain in the ass. You don't want to use a poncho in the CDT unless you're up for all of that, along with the steady flapflapflap all around you when you're actually wearing the thing. And you can't trust 'em to cover your
 pack, so pack extra for wind and for pack ANYWAY.

Use a fly and a jacket and a rain cover, and simplify your life.

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