[Cdt-l] "Ohhhh, Poncho!" Re: Cdt-l Digest, Vol 18, Issue 10

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I think that description certainly talks me out of using a poncho.  Doesn't 
sound very practical plus it is not weight saving considering the extra 
clothing needed to insulate.
I only know from my experience that a rain jacket and pants still allow 
moisture to accumulate inside due to the fact that there is condensation 
from perspiring. The poncho, when secured correctly, (if there is such a 
setup), allows for more air circulation which I would think helps to keep 
the inside dryer?  I guess it depends on the climate as in warmer weather 
and calmer wind conditions.
Thanks for giving us your experience with the poncho, very helpful,
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>> I would like to hear more comments about ponchos compared
>> to rain jackets and pants as I have no experience with them.
>> Zelda
> ### "Ohhhh, Sisco!"
> ### It seems most appropriate to say "Ponchos blow!" on the CDT, as the 
> wind will just play parachute with you.
> My boys and I hiked a bit with Sly in '07, traversing ~250 miles between 
> the Wind River range and some other stuff, and we had at least a spot of 
> rain every day. We were trying out silnylon ponchos as dual-use rainwear 
> and shelter, and though removing ties from them every morning was a pain 
> and time magnet, it seemed that wearing the things during precip was 
> actually worse. The only time you caught the breeze was when you were 
> trying to pass it over your head, it was ALWAYS slimy and gooey, they DO 
> absorb water to a degree, and so gain weight so you're constantly trying 
> to dry them out, you STILL have to pack a wind garment for insulation help 
> and for when in camp, ... ... it was just a failure as a gear choice, a 
> time magnet, a big pain in the ass. You don't want to use a poncho in the 
> CDT unless you're up for all of that, along with the steady flapflapflap 
> all around you when you're actually wearing the thing. And you can't trust 
> 'em to cover your
> pack, so pack extra for wind and for pack ANYWAY.
> Use a fly and a jacket and a rain cover, and simplify your life.
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