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Thanks to everyone that has shared their ideas on ponchos/rain gear and what 
works or doesn't for them.  I appreciate the detailed descriptions and 
examples.  It does get confusing with all the different options and personal 
choices.  Fortunately we have not had the opportunity to hike in too much 
rain but when we did it was not very fun and hypothermia was an issue with 
us too!  So I think the best way to find out what works is to listen to 
other people's ideas and then go out and try them for yourself.
I like the term "funemployment" too!  Hadn't heard that one yet.
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> Put one down for NOT liking ponchos.
> They are too billowy for my tastes esp here in my mainly above tree-line 
> hiking in Colorado.
> I use a simple Golite Wisp as an outer, with a Montbell lined windshirt 
> and polys.
> The wisp is wet, the windshirt is damp, my polys are bone dry. This method 
> works for me because
> a) I put out a lot of heat
> b) I am moving all the time
> The other thing about a poncho (*For me*) is that the bottom kept on 
> getting tangled up. I think ponchos
> are really meant and work best for taller people than my 5'6" frame. :) 
> (Not that shorter people can't use them...
> I just found them to be a pain for me).
> As with all gear, there is no right or wrong..it is just what works.
> Enjoy the CDT!  If my funemployment lasts, I may be heading a bit north to 
> the CDN  Rockies this summer myself. :)
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