[Cdt-l] Wind River Range in June?

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Don't worry you will lots of advise: Here is mine.
I would check with the Recreation Ranger for at the US Forest Service in Lander. Give him/her a call regarding this year's snow pack. Last year in early June you probably would have needed skis, snowshoes, an ice ax and crampons in early June. The USFS might also confirm what I just wrote. In early June 2008 conditions were very good for the Great Divide Basin in southern Wyoming because the high snow pack and late melting provided alot of water for this usually dry area. You might consider starting in Rawlins or just north of the Colorado border at Encampment this year to allow for the snow melt further north in the Winds. Eric White
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Hello everyone,

I've been lurking on this list for some time but this is my first post.
I'd like to hike the CDT from Lander to Waterton Lakes this summer. Will
the trail in the Wind River range be clear of snow in early June or will I
need to bring my skis?


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