[Cdt-l] Umbrellas

clint at riseup.net clint at riseup.net
Mon Mar 16 18:47:42 CDT 2009

I always carry an umbrella, and it was great to have in NM. Not only is
the shade comfortable, but it also decreases your sweat output so you
drink less water. Well, for me anyways. Make sure it has a reflective top
for maximum sunblock.

I lost my umbrella during a bushwhack north of the Gila and was
heartbroken. Not only did I lose my shade but had LITTERED! Retracing my
steps was futile. So if you find a black GoLite brolly in the bush, not
only do you get a free gift but also have the assurance that you are kind
of on the right path. The only suitable replacement I could find in Silver
City was one of those goofy rainbow novelty umbrella hats. That lasted for
one day, and I left it at a water tank for the enjoyment of those behind
me. Anyone see it?

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