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Jim Wolf's southern Montana guide is very recent.  The Northern MT guide is older, and there have been changes in the trail but most of them have been described in the DividEnds newsletters, I think.  In any case, the routes he describes are still valid - even where new trail has been built.  I don't know if there is another good source for information on the new trail around Butte.   Jeff Braun's webpage had good information and maps about past route changes, but when I just went to it, the page wasn't found. 


For maps we used the National Forest maps in Montana plus the National Geographic/Trails Illustrated map of Glacier.  The forest maps aren't topographic, but they show all the side roads and trails that aren't on the Ley maps.  The NF Wilderness maps (Scapegoat/Bob Marshall and Anaconda-Pintlar Wilderness areas) are topographic.  As to snow - the trail in southern Montana is at 9000+ feet - so snow can linger until July.  





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hello everyone,  if conditions allow,we want to head north from w. yellowstone, the ID/MT section. When is the earliest "snow safe" time to go?  While I'm on, what maps are the best to supplement JL's?  And the Wolf guides.  How current are they and just allitle comment please.
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