[Cdt-l] Creede vs Lake City

Jim and/or Ginny Owen spiriteagle99 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 18 20:36:26 CDT 2009

Creede is more compact, easy to walk around.  It also has a good outdoor store.  Also, if weather requires you to shortcut, you walk right through town. 



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> Subject: [Cdt-l] Creede vs Lake City
> Any opinions about visiting Lake City or Creede for resupply? Both sound
> like interesting places to visit and I thought some one here might have some
> more info on which to visit. For example, is there some little brew pub in
> one of them? A secret moonshiner? I'll be southbound, rolling through,
> hopefully, in late August/early September.
> Suge
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