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Philip Sugg pbensugg at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 13:15:40 CDT 2009

Check out this article for more info about how the stimulus money will be
spent on trails.  It looks like it's mostly for projects that are within
national park service domain:


"The stimulus bill calls for "$15 million for historic preservation, $146
> million for deferred maintenance and 'critical repair and rehabilitation
> projects,' and $589 million for replacing facilities and equipment and
> cleaning abandoned mine sites."

-Philip Sugg

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> Am I crazy or did I hear that the Congress included some $500 million (or
> was it a billion?...the numbers are all running together these days) for the
> Interior Dept. and their park projects? What's the implication of this for
> the CDT? Anybody in the know? later-lynne
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