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Jackie McDonnell yogihikes at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 14:55:52 CDT 2009

I use a cuticle remover to precisely slice off the sharp edges of the
crack.  If the crack is large and bleeding, I use super glue to close it
up.  I just found (at Wal-Mart) a tiny bottle of super glue which comes in a
bottle like nail polish -- instead of the tube of super glue, it has a
little brush which I can easly use to place the super glue on the crack.

Living in Kansas, I also experience very dry winters.  Last winter, I
started putting an over-the-counter heel balm on my feet.  But then I got
these little hard bumps on my feet which felt like small grains of sand
under my skin.  My podiatrist told me it was the heel balm getting trapped
inside the sweat pores.  He used a little tool which basically sanded down
the skin over the bumps and cleaned out the pores.  Then he gave me samples
of AmLactin.  The box calls it a moisturizing Body Lotion which moisturizes
and exfoliates rough, dry skin.  My feet are now crack-free.


2009/3/24 lwgear at juno.com <lwgear at juno.com>

> Anybody got a good remedy (home or store-bought) for those pesky cracks in
> one's callus around the heel's edge? These dry winters don't help matters
> any. Kinda want to get it under control now before the hiking season begins
> in earnest!
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