[Cdt-l] Callous caverns

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If you go to http://www.amlactin.com/ there is a link to a $2 and $5
coupon download, and it should be OTC if it's 12% or less ammonium
lactate. I think that there is a cheaper generic available also.

On 3/24/09, Jackie McDonnell <yogihikes at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm not sure if it's over-the-counter or prescription.
> On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 3:41 PM, lwgear at juno.com <lwgear at juno.com> wrote:
>> Yogi--Thanks for the input. Is this AmLactin something you can buy in a
>> Walmart, say? Thanks--lynne whelden
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>> I use a cuticle remover to precisely slice off the sharp edges of the
>> crack.  If the crack is large and bleeding, I use super glue to close it
>> up.  I just found (at Wal-Mart) a tiny bottle of super glue which comes in
>> a
>> bottle like nail polish -- instead of the tube of super glue, it has a
>> little brush which I can easly use to place the super glue on the crack.
>> Living in Kansas, I also experience very dry winters.  Last winter, I
>> started putting an over-the-counter heel balm on my feet.  But then I got
>> these little hard bumps on my feet which felt like small grains of sand
>> under my skin.  My podiatrist told me it was the heel balm getting trapped
>> inside the sweat pores.  He used a little tool which basically sanded down
>> the skin over the bumps and cleaned out the pores.  Then he gave me
>> samples
>> of AmLactin.  The box calls it a moisturizing Body Lotion which
>> moisturizes
>> and exfoliates rough, dry skin.  My feet are now crack-free.
>> yogi
>> 2009/3/24 lwgear at juno.com <lwgear at juno.com>
>>> Anybody got a good remedy (home or store-bought) for those pesky cracks
>>> in
>>> one's callus around the heel's edge? These dry winters don't help matters
>>> any. Kinda want to get it under control now before the hiking season
>>> begins
>>> in earnest!
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