[Cdt-l] Thank you; Deming & the Columbus Route

Matthew Robison wolverine1970 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 20:52:23 CDT 2009

First, a big "thank you" goes out to all the folks who chimed in to share
their experiences with digital cameras.  I should have posted my request
many moons ago!

Second, in terms of managing the logistics of the Columbus route, no one (to
my knowledge) has mentioned two great Trail Angels: Keith & Mary
Schwarzer.   They are listed on Ley's Columbus Map 08.  Last year I took
Greyound from Colorado to Deming, NM, via El Paso (with a layover just long
enough to have a look across the border at Cuidad Juarez; not so bad).  I
called the Schwarzers, and they picked up and took me to their house.   Good
people.  We went to dinner and they shared heaps of valuable information
about the Columbus Route.

I lucked out because a friend of theirs, Li Brannfors, shared his CDT
experience and drive me to the border with Keith, the next day.  Then I
hiked back to Deming, showered at the Schwarzer's and resumed hiking the
next day (through the worst dust storm I have experienced to day...but no

In any event, Keith and Mary are good folks.   They gave me their card with
the following two telephone numbers:

- Home: 575-546-7437
- Mobile: 575-494-4357

Their address is 6810 Holstein Rd SE, Deming, NM 88030.

I hope this helps; sorry the information is a little late.


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