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last post for the moment. we put a blog and some picturtes of our walk so far here...

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I met Gabriel briefly in SC. He has hiked the crazy cook route and seems in good form!

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I received an email on 5/2 from San Gabriel who was in Silver City so maybe one set of those footprints was his!!!  We hiked with him on the PCT last year!.  Good Guy.
Have fun out there,

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Hi , 
Brian and Martina from Scotland here hiking the Columbus Jim Wolf route. We are in Silver City after hitching out from Mimbres. I have a lot of things to report from an enjoyable hike so far but so little time !
1. First thanks to Keith for the great help and lift from to Palomas. The meal in Mexico was unforgettable and a great send off for us.
2. Corner Market & Deli - this is a super friendly place and I fully recommend it to hikers. Julie is great and her husband gave us a lift in to Silver City. You could easily resupply the 40ish miles to Doc Campbells from here.
3.Water - here are our water sources used for reference (with JL 2009 map no and date)....
CO11 23-4 Columbus
CO10 24-4 H11 Ben and Caroles ( we sent a card to them in advance and they were very supportive)
CO09 25-4 Blue Well - stagnant high tank of water with dead birds but ok
CO09 25-4 White Dome - good running water into tank (contrary to earlier report )
CO08 26-4 Rock Hound SP - good water / restrooms outside visitor centre 
CO07 Deming
CO07 27-04 JL point 2 stagnant high tank with water  - not used
CO06 27-04 JL point 2 running water but protected by swarm of bees! martina used a cup tied to an extended ski stick to get at the water.
CO06 27-04 JL point 6 not nice algae water in trough that we used- yuk!
CO05 28-04 JL point 1 - 2 sources both excellent running water
CO04 28-04 JL point 4 good running water from solar well
CO04 29-04 couldn't find the reported well at schoolhouse mtn but met ranchers nearby who gave us water from their house (just before canyon narrows)
CO03 29-04 Berranda creek had some minor puddles but we wern't tempted
CO03 29-04 Donahue canyon spring is dry and probably not worth the diversion (reported as worth a look in Jim Wolf text )
CO03 29-04 The trickling spring reported by Jim Wolf at the south end of the Black Hills, 1.8 from Donahue canyon was our best water yet NB. You can camp nearby too. Its 200m south of the trail junction from dirt road before climbing the Black Hills ridge. 
CO02 30-04 Hillsboro  from emory pass. We resupplied here from the cafe. We took all 10 of their granola bars, bread cheese jam and water(!) The store was shut. Nice but expensive cafe.
CO02 30-04 Hillsboro peak. Water at tower from Phil the warden (the spring about 0.5 mile away is also ok we heard). Phil is a great guy - the dog is friendly too.
CO01 1-05 East Canyon has some pretty reasonable flows amid algae pools.
We didn't see any other hikers. I have now met 2 in SC on the CDT normal route. But we had 3 sets of footprints ahead of us. From the Fort Cummings book these were Matt from Colorado, and 2 from Oregon (?) but those 2 footprints stopped at emory pass.
The route was generally excellent especially after the flat 40 miles north of deming. We needed some vigilant navigation in parts but I might write about that later !
all the best 
Brian (and Martina)

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I can't take the pat on the back for this find - Yeti discovered it and I called Julie at the restaurant/grocery store and had her send me what she had available - she will pick you up at the trail head and deliver you back - she really wants to cater to thru hikers as she does to bicyclists - she is located in san lorenzo/mimbres on the wolfe columbus route - she will accept mail drops at the general delivery address below - the only place after that that accepts mail drops is our place in deming - her email address is juliebyarski at sbcglobal.net 
keith and marry
deming, NM


Hi, here is the list you requested:
Corner Market & Deli
2674 Hwy 35
San Lorenzo, NM 88041
7a-7p- 7days
General Market with groceries
Full service deli and restaraunt 
Internet cafe/fax/copies
pick up and drop off service from trail head 
Mountain Spirits RV and camping 1/2 mile - $5/night with showers and laundry priced right
phone service
General Delivery Post office on site - Post office General Delivery - San Lorenzo, NM 88041
medical clinic 1/2 mile
item/product not supplied - upon request (usually 6 hour notice)
public restroom

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