[Cdt-l] late planning

michael vernon woodsfarmer at gmail.com
Tue May 5 17:13:12 CDT 2009

Hello,  I'm heading to w. yellowstone for a June 15th start north.  A couple
of questions.  Whats the news with the designated route vs. the cut off at
Macks Inn?  Also, I will have the luxury of friends traveling along with me
for resupply efforts at least to Bob Marshal.  MY quandry is in estimating
my daily progress.  At 55 I hiked the Idaho Centenial Trail and was able to
average 15 miles a day.  This time at 59 its gona be at least as hard and
when I do the math on other hiker's postings It seems like everyone is
flying!  inspite of the well deserved reputation of the CDT.  Thanks ahead
of time for the thoughtful advice.
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