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Wed May 6 11:49:47 CDT 2009

just received a call from yeti in pie town - he wanted  me to let you know 
about the trail angel there - her name is Nita and the name  of her place is 
"toasters" because there are toasters hanging off the fence in  front - she 
has showers - a place to cook - and clothes washing facilities - her  door 
is always open and has notes on front door and inside with instructions to  
make yourself at home - showers are also available at the pie town RV park 
next  door 
yeti said that this info is not on the map nor in  yogi's book (don't shoot 
the messenger if that's incorrect) 
he said that the blow down on one of the nearby  mountains is unbelievable 
and that he fell twice 
keith and mary
deming, NM
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